Web Work



A wiki dressed up as a streaming platform that catalogs fictional films and tv shows inside real movies and tv shows.

David Rose in three different outfits that say Dress David Rose

Dress David Rose

An illustration and web project that catalogs every shirt, sweater, and jacket David Rose wears on Schitt’s Creek.

the flag of New Mexico

US Flags [dot] Design

Visual histories, guides, and specifications for the flags of the U.S. states and territories.

a grid of illustrations including Mike Wazowski, a caseete tape, Nibbler, BB-8, and a Disneyland Mickey ears hat

A Single Div

An ongoing drawing project to see what’s possible with CSS. Each illustration is a single div element plus a wee bit of styling.

a screenshot of the Top Chef Stats site, showing rankings and stats with numbers and little chef heads

Top Chef Stats

Compiled data and facts from all the seasons of Top Chef, plus spinoffs Top Chef Masters, Just Desserts, and Duels.

The Food Place: a modern eatery for this life and after

The Food Place

All the food and drinks you love from Eleanor and friends’ time in The Good Place (plus The Bad Place, Earth, and IHOP).

a screenshot of the Airport Codes website, featuring a grid of airports each identified by a photo and its three-letter IATA code

Airport Codes

MSY for New Orleans? Airport Codes tries to make sense of those unique three-letter codes.

Arizona flag


A love letter to my home state. Reasons it’s awesome to live and work in Arizona.

Hollywood Age Gap

Hollywood Age Gap

Do movie romances have an age problem? Hollywood Age Gap examines the age difference between movie love interests.

The Dusting Zone

The Dusting Zone

It’s oh-so-satisfying to wipe the dust off a screen or erase a dusty chalkboard.

2019 version of lynnandtonic.com

Portfolio Refresh

Every year the design of lynnandtonic.com changes. You can view every version dating back to 2007.

Style Stage: a one page website styled like an unfolded paper manual


A custom layout and stylesheet for Stephanie Eckles’ very cool CSS project Style Stage.

an image effect that makes a photo look like a folded poster

CSS Photo Effects

A CodePen collection of CSS effects to add to a photo with minimal markup (like turning it into a folded poster).