an illustration of a long line at a dystopian ration station, through the lens of a virtual reality headsetillustration for story.manifold.cohand-drawn technical diagrams showing CSS flexbox conceptstechnical illustrations for CSS Tricksan illustrated pop-up style treasure map with treacherous and obstacles on the way to a mountain peakan illustrated playing card Jack in the style of Hyperbole and a Half and yelling “All the trades!”an illustration of a vintage viewmaster and slide cartridges that are labeled “Today, Tomorrow, and 2045”an illustration of Otter Popsan illustration of my friend Truett in the style of Duran Duran’s Rio album coverillustrations of Wolverine in an ugly Christmas sweater, Amelie at Tour de Fat in front of a bicycle, and Spock in a Chewbacca costume


icons in light teal, navy, and red with a technology and space themeicon set for IPFSicons in light yellow of various food, technology, and musical itemsicon set for &yetConficons in light blue of construction and building toolsicon set for JS for Teamsicons in a colorful illustrative style of sandwich components like bread, cheese, and veggiesicon set for &yet Sandwich


a painting of my friend Ben Heise’s head on a war general’s bodyBenjamin Heise - 2014 - acrylic on canvasa painting of Spock wearing a Doctor Who fez and holding a Sonic ScrewdriverThe Logical Doctor - 2013 - acrylic on canvasa painting of my friend Adam, his wife, and newborn child wearing Harry Potter robes and a Gryffindor crestWhere Dwell the Brave at Heart - 2013 - acrylic on canvasa tiny painting of a man standing on a subway platform, a recreation of an Instagram photoPaintstagram - 2012 - acrylic on canvasa tiny painting of a large tree on a ranch with horses, a recreation of an Instagram photoPaintstagram - 2012 - acrylic on canvasa painting of a wheaton terrier, Goose, wearing Jedi robesMay the Goose Be With You - 2011 - acrylic on canvasa painting parody of Dogs Playing Poker with cartoon characters like Daffy Duck, the Flash, and Ren and StimpyCartoons Playing Poker - 2010 - acrylic on canvasa painting of my friends Naomi and Ben as the two people in American GothicJapanese American Gothic - 2010 - acrylic on canvasBen and Naomi posing with the painting of themBen and Naomi dressed as the painting for Halloweena painting of my friend Kirsten wearing a Chinese bamboo hat and eating takeout noodlesWe Were All Yellow - 2007 - oil on canvas