A Single Diva.singlediv.com

A CSS drawing project to see what’s possible with a single div.

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Airport Codesairportcod.es

Making sense of those three-letter airport codes.

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Reasons it’s awesome to live and work in Arizona.

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Top Chef Statstopchefstats.com

Compiled stats and facts about the reality cooking show Top Chef.

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Hollywood Age Gaphollywoodagegap.com

Examining the age difference in years between movie love interests.

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Sit or Sleep on Your Foodpinterest.com

The single most important Pinterest board of our time.

Shit Lynn Dreamstwitter.com/shitlynndreams

Dreamin’ some crazy shit. Follow along.

Character Studies/character-studies

An illustration series portraying beloved film characters in everyday situations.

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Illustration Portfolio/illustration

A selection of recent (and not so recent) illustration work.

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Painting Portfolio/painting

A selection of recent (and not so recent) painting work.

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