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We Were All Yellow - Series

2007 / oil on canvas / 4 ft x 4 ft each

We Were All Yellow is a series of 6 paintings created as commentary on Asian stereotypes in America. It depicts 6 Caucasians set in specific, stereotypical Asian situations. The paintings were completed in a Western style rather than Asian, to emphasize the 'whiteness' of the portrayed subjects.

I surveyed 30 Caucasians and asked them to describe the things/stereotypes they thought of when imagining an Asian. The following were the most popular: chopsticks, noodles, lanterns, triangle hats, fortune cookies, abacus, Hello Kitty, bad drivers, good at math, geishas, and they all look the same.

The Smart One (Which One’s the Ho?) - Series

2004 / acrylic on canvas / 16 in x 20 in each

This series was inspired by the sketch from comedian Margaret Cho. She says that within every group of three girlfriends, there's the smart one, the sweet one, and then there's the ho. Can you tell which is which?

This series was featured in Harry Wood Gallery at Arizona State University in the Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition in 2004-2005.

The Color Red

2005 / acrylic on canvas / 12 in x 16 in

This piece was inspired by the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. My favorite scene in the book is when Jonas watches Fiona walk away and sees the color red in her hair and in the flowers nearby. His blindfold begins to slip and he starts to see the world truthfully and in beautiful color.

Asian Viking

2005 / acrylic on canvas / 36 in x 24 in

I was adopted from Korea when I was 11 months old to a Chinese mother and a Norwegian father. My name, Lynn Erickson, got me the nickname of the Asian Viking.

Featured in Harry Wood Gallery at Arizona State University in the Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition in 2005-2006.

Vincent vs. Dali

2004 / acrylic/graphite on board / 20 in x 16 in

This was my very first project in art school, so I have a ceratin affinity for it. Our assignment was to create one composition using the styles of two different and recognizable artists. I chose Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali for their distinctive techniques and the use of landscapes in their work.

You Look So Good in Blue

2005 / acrylic on canvas / 12 in x 16 in

Making an ordinary object extraordinary.

Trompe l’oeil

2004 / graphite on paper / 24 in x 16 in

Trompe l’oeil drawing of a few of my favorite things.

Cartoons Playing Poker

2010 / acrylic on canvas / 36 in x 24 in

A commission for a friend: all of his favorite cartoon characters set in the famous Dogs Playing Poker.

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Mixed Media

Instababies Technology Inc.

2006 / mixed media

I was adopted when I was young, and my parents often joke that my brother and I were the best purchases they had ever made. The concept of purchasing a child from a store was a derivative of that idea. This piece was designed to look as though it was pulled directly from a store display.

At closer look, the customer can purchase pill capsules that contain a boy, girl, or sets of twins. Just add water and watch your family grow. Instababies Technology Inc. offers the easiest and most inexpensive adoption solution to date.

Shipping and Handling

2006 / mixed media

This is another piece inspired by the purchasing aspect of adoption. Ever since I was young, I’ve joked that I was sent from South Korea in a FedEx box. This piece was designed to look like one shelf from a South Korean adoption warehouse. Babies are packed with popcorn, taped up, and shipped out to their new (and hopefully better) homes abroad.

This piece was featured at the Icehouse in Phoenix for the group show Off the Wall in 2006.

Allow 6 to 8 Weeks

2006 / mixed media

Not long ago, my brother requested to receive information about his birth parents and family history. I thought it was an interesting concept getting an envelope in

Breakfast of Champions

2006 / mixed media

Asians are good at math! I eat a sushi abacus for breakfast!

This piece was featured at Wet Paint Art Supply in Tempe for the group show Small/Beautiful in 2006.


2005 / corrugated cardboard, hot glue / 20 in x 20 in x 15 in

This project was to take a 2-dimensional picture and turn it into a 3-dimensional relief sculpture using forced perspective. Still one of my favorite 3-D pieces I’ve done.

A Girl’s Best Friend

2005 / mixed media

Found object piece about birth control. Part 1 of 3...can’t find the pictures of the other 2.

Take Out

2005 / sheet metal, metal wiring

Yum, I love Chinese take out!


2004 / paint chips / 16 in x 20 in

I cut up stacks of paint chips from Home Depot for this mosaic. It won second place in an art contest through Wakeboarding magazine.

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Victory Fundraising

client since 2009

The reps at Victory have worked with over 600 athletic groups in the west every year, and have helped those groups raise a combined $2.5 million every year for their programs.

Astrigh Truck Risk

client since 2009

Astrigh Truck Risk strives to provide risk management services to the trucking and transportation industry; and to offer litigation management services and claims oversight.


site redesign 2008

All letter openers open. This one also closes. Introducing LetterShark, the best improvement to the letter opener since the original.


2007 / flash

This site was a school project and features three 2-d animations depicting irrational fears. Best if viewed with the volume on.

Senior Exhibition 2007

2007 / print

Senior Exhibition Poster for Intermedia, Digital Art, and Studio Art 2007.

Senior Exhibition 2007

2007 / print

Senior Exhibition Poster for Sculpture 2007.

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My name is Lynn Fisher and I am an artist and designer out of Chandler, Arizona. In addition to art and design, I also love pizza, humor, reality tv, talk radio, dance dance revolution, and interior decorating.