1. a grey website with a colorful, illustrated header
  2. an illustration of an elevator lobby
  3. an illustrated website header that looks folded like paper
  4. Lynn’s head opening and various layers of other heads are revealed like a nesting dolll
  5. Lynn as a Bob’s Burgers character
  6. Lynn in a wolf hat and a black, white, and gold color palette
  7. a white, minimal interface accented with emoji
  8. homepage with a full-height left-hand nav in a soft rainbow palette
  9. homepage with a three-column layout with a deep green and peach color palette
  10. homepage with a large background image of Lynn and a top navigation
  11. three hand-drawn illustrations of Lynn with green, purple, and teal accents
  12. homepage with a single-column layout with a painterly hero image of Lynn
  13. homepage with a white, light green, and turquoise color scheme
  14. homepage with a short, wide content area featuring a photos of feet and the Winged Victory sculpture at the Louvre
  15. a photo of Lynn laying on the floor of the Louvre
  16. a three-column iframe layout