Jeremy Bearimy

Every year this site changes. I call it my “annual portfolio refresh” and use it as an opportunity to try new things and continue learning.

Each of the previous iterations are viewable below. I can’t guarantee all links and images will work, but feel free to take a peek back through time.

  1. homepage featuring Lynn as a Bob’s Burgers character
  2. homepage featuring Lynn in a wolf hat and a black, white, and gold color palette
  3. homepage featuring a white, minimal interface accented with emoji 2016
  4. homepage with a full-height left-hand nav in a soft rainbow palette 2015
  5. homepage with a three-column layout with a deep green and peach color palette 2014
  6. homepage with a large background image of Lynn and a top navigation 2013
  7. homepage featuring three hand-drawn illustrations of Lynn with green, purple, and teal accents 2012
  8. homepage with a single-column layout with a painterly hero image of Lynn 2011
  9. homepage with a white, light green, and turquoise color scheme 2010
  10. homepage with a short, wide content area featuring a photos of feet and the Winged Victory sculpture at the Louvre 2009
  11. homepage featuring a photo of Lynn laying on the floor of the Louvre 2008
  12. homepage featuring a three-column iframe layout 2007