Lynn Fisher

Lynn Fisher (she/her) is a Busan-born, American artist known for her work on the web. After attending art school in Arizona, she began working as a designer and CSS developer in software consulting.

Ever annoyed at being boxed in, she has spent her career pursuing cross-discipline endeavors and filling unconventional roles.

In the 2010s, she began experimenting with the web as a creative medium, utilizing established web technologies in new ways. Her annual portfolio refresh gains popularity each year as an example of surprising responsive design and her drawing project, A Single Div, demonstrates the artistic power of CSS.

With the goal of creating special, niche corners of the web, she has built a collection of projects dedicated to airport codes, age gaps in film, fake movies in movies, state flags, Arizona, and television shows The Good Place, Schitt’s Creek, and Top Chef.

Her work has been featured by CNN, NPR, Vox, NET magazine, and Entertainment Weekly.

She currently works with the tiny team at ui.dev and lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband Clay and their two dogs, Boomer and Helo.