Hey! I’m Lynn and I’m a designer, CSS developer, and illustrator. I love working on the web and making sure it continues to be a place for everyone and our creative, personal, and weird passions.

To that end, I’ve built a collection of weirdly specific projects dedicated to airport codes, age gaps in film, fake movies in movies, state flags, Arizona, and television shows The Good Place, Schitt’s Creek, and Top Chef.

I love to experiment with the web as a creative medium. This here portfolio changes each year in pursuit of learning and using web technology in unexpected ways. My drawing project, A Single Div, explores the artistic power of CSS.

My projects have been featured by CNN, NPR, Vox, NET magazine, and Entertainment Weekly.

Right now I work with the tiny team at ui.dev from sunny Phoenix, Arizona where I hang with my husband Clay and our pup Gravy. (We miss you Boomer and Helo!)

I’m a big fan of pop punk, Diet Dr. Pepper, musicals, playing team trivia, and sending care packages in the mail.

The word that best describes Lynn is undaunted. She seems so at home living on the outer bounds of her creative comfort zone that she makes any wild and dangerous frontier look downright cozy.Adam Avenir

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