2 December 2014

Elsewhere on the Interwebs

A few things floating around the web!

On Making Design Decisions

Articulating our decision making is a huge part of our jobs as designers. Every day we should be asking ourselves “Why did I decide to do it this way?” Our coworkers, clients, and users will be asking the same question, so we may as well be prepared. Read the rest on the &yet Blog →

Mozilla Hack: Single Div Drawings with CSS

In May of 2013 I attended CSSConf and saw Lea Verou speak about the humble border-radius. It was an eye-opening talk and I realized there was much about CSS behavior I did not fully understand. This reminded me of my time as a fine arts student where I was constantly pushed to become a master of my chosen medium. As a web designer, CSS is my medium and so I challenged myself to learn all I could about it and to explore and experiment with its limits. Read the rest on Mozilla Hacks →

Issue 261 features a short blurb on a.singlediv.com! Subscribe to the magazine; it’s so awesome. Read more about Net Magazine →

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